Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions that are asked most about London's Child and Youth Network. cyn [at] (Email us) for additional inquiries. You can expect a response within 2 business days. 

How can one become a Child and Youth Network partner?

Membership in the Child and Youth Network (CYN) is an "open door" where barriers to participation are minimized: any individual or organization interested in working together on the Network's four priorities is welcome to participate. Members' degree of involvement varies from organization to organization and individual to individual. To learn more about how to get involved, please cyn [at] (email us)

Is there a way to show others in the community that one is part of the Network?

The Child and Youth Network (CYN) Proud Member Badge is available for use by all of our approved members. By using the badge, your organization shows its commitment to working towards our shared vision.  To get digital file formats for print and / or e-media, please cyn [at] (email us)

When do Child and Youth Network partners meet?

Child and Youth Network (CYN) partners align themselves with one or more of the priority areas based on their own organization's mandates. While each priority area operates slightly different, generally, each group meets regularly to share progress, and develop plans for implementing specific initiatives identified in the CYN Agenda. The Family-Centred Service System priority is organized into a system-wide governance body and multiple neighbourhood planning teams. To find specific meeting dates and times, visit each priority's page: 

To learn more about the Family-Centred Service System Governance body, please cyn [at] (email us).

What is the best way to get information out to partners across the Network?

Continuous Communication is really important to the Child and Youth Network (CYN). There are many different ways to connect and share information with others in the Network, including:

  • Submitting information for publication in CYN's monthly E-Bulletin. The criteria for submissions can be found in the News section. Scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe to the E-Bulletin. 
  • Participating as part of a Strategic Collaboration Team (SCT) in one or more Family Centre neighbourhood is a great way to share information and learn from other community services and organizations in the community. To learn more about each Family Centre's SCT meeting dates and times, please connect with the Family Centre (view sidebar) in your neighbourhood.
  • Join one (or more) of the issue-based priority partner meetings to meet and share with others in the community working to:  End Poverty, Increase Healthy Eating and Healthy Physical Activity, and Make Literacy a Way of Life. To learn more about joining a meeting with the Family-Centred Service System, please cyn [at] (email us)

How is the Child and Youth Network funded?

The City of London provides funding to support the Network's infrastructure and City of London staff support the efforts through a variety of means. Child and Youth Network partners contribute in a variety of ways, including in-kind supports. 

Does the Child and Youth Network have student placement or volunteer opportunities?

From time to time, there may be opportunities for student placements or volunteers to work with the Child and Youth Network. Please cyn [at] (email us) to get more information.

Where can I find information about programs and services for families?

Child and Youth Network interventions and activities are highlighted on the issue-based priority pages. To find out more about these activities, please visit Child and Youth Network partner sites. Information about programs and services for families can also be found here.